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TiNA - Gender and technology education project in the Department of Electrical and Communication Engineering in Helsinki University of Technology

National project supported by European Social Fund (ESF) and the state of Finland

The purposes of the project are

promote female-friendly education where women's preferences (as far as they are known) are taken into account

encourage more co-operative learning

develop a tutorial system to give guidance and advice to new students

broaden the curriculum content

develop a project course where basic skills like soldering are practiced

promote the professional identity of female students and researchers

develop a mentoring system where female engineers give support and guidance to students

create networks between female students, researchers and engineers

obtain and transfer information about gender and technology education


Department of Electrical and Communications Engineering at Helsinki University of Technology

5000 Graduate Engineers, less than 300 of them women

10 % of all students are women

only 1 in 54 professors is a woman

TiNA-Abstract in 3rd European Conference on Gender Equality in Higher Education.

Contact information

Project manager Pirjo.Putila(at)
tel. +358 9 4512209

Project secretary Mari.Knuuttila(at)

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